Custom Orders

           We can customize any wand to your specific needs!

We have 6 types of exotic woods in stock to choose from. These woods change monthly and can be hand-picked. Have a favorite wood we don't offer? Send us an email!

To select a custom wand, please go to the tab on the top of the page, according to the wand type you'd like, and select custom.

  • First, go to our catalog, and select either a one-piece or two-piece custom wand
  • Then, select a wood type from the drop menu.
  • Next, select a material for the wand tips. We have a variety of metals available, or you can choose a type of wood to make the ends. If chosen, please add the wood type in the notes on the checkout page.
  • Finally, choose a material for the rings. In the drop-down section, we have various or none, because our stock of acrylic and metals change so often. If you choose to have rings, please list the material you'd like in the checkout notes.

Any questions? Feel free to email us at